Through our work with other nonprofits, we know that utilizing service providers that appeal to nonprofits can stretch your budgets farther than it ever has before. We prioritize partnerships with industry-leading services that understand this too. 

Technology in Church

Protecting What You Have Built

Cybersecurity may not be on the top of your must-have list, but your donors would surely appreciate it. By identifying where your information is and how it is accessed, we can begin planning a course of action to negate breaches of information.

Protecting Your Data

Data that relates to your organization or your patrons can be detrimental in the event of a breach. Implementing Data Loss Policies (DLP) and minimizing the possibility of data exfiltration can help your organization stay out of the news for the wrong reasons.

The Right Time

There is never a wrong time to investigate savings, but there are key indicators for when you should consider looking into Managed Services. If your Nonprofit is continuing to grow and your costs are following suit quickly, now is the time to start the discussion.

Continuing Operations & Growth

You can’t stop staff and volunteers from growing in their positions and potentially leaving, but we can help you prepare for it.


With SolvedIT Managed Services, you are no longer relying on individuals, but an experienced team of technology experts.

Time for Focus

Lets face it, re-training stinks. It forces you to defocus on your cause and creates unnecessary stress. We have you covered.

Dependable Budgets

Having an IT budget that you and your board can count on achieving will help set aside donations for additional projects.

Multi-Location Coverage

Managed Services allows you to ensure the same level of support whether you are at the office, a satellite branch, or telecommuting.

The Best Way to Start a Partnership

Starting at Free

Ok, maybe it’s a little gimmicky to state free, but, there really are free services available for a 501c3. While not all free, SolvedIT works diligently to identify and partner with providers that have your best interests in mind.

Security Minded Services

Managed Services

Managing a nonprofit network and a business network is no different. Both require attention to security and utilize similar services to keep day-to-day operations moving. Check out our Managed Services page for more details on what we provide and how it could benefit your organization.