Faith-Based Nonprofits

Today, technology and church go hand-in-hand when providing an experience that moves people. Whether it’s your worship team creating a movement through lights and sounds, your greeting staff checking in and getting people connected, or your child-care services ensuring each attendee is accounted for, technology plays a key role in smooth operations.

Technology in Church

Technology to Focus Your Faith

From our experience, most faith-based helpdesk workers are playing a dual role. One as a member of the worship or tech arts team, and the other as ” The Guy” that handles IT. SolvedIT is solely focused on your organization’s technology, removing the burden and bringing clear and concise direction to your IT goals without interruption.

Preparing for Growth

Staff grow in their faith and responsibilities. That growth can lead to departures to other organizations and cause a major impact to operations. Our managed services provide you with continued operations through changes.

The Right Time

There is never a wrong time to investigate savings, but there are key indicators for when you should consider looking into Managed Services. Take a look below at some of the key metrics we use for checking readiness.

Blending Technology

We understand the technology in church and how it ties into the network side of operations. We know because we are the volunteers at the back of house making sure slides match the audio and that services are running smoothly.

Continuing Operations & Growth

You can’t stop staff from growing in their positions and potentially leaving, but we can help you prepare for it.


With SolvedIT Managed Services, you are no longer relying on individuals, but an experienced team of technology experts.

Time for Focus

Lets face it, re-training stinks. It forces you to defocus on your cause and creates unnecessary stress. We have you covered.

Dependable Budgets

Having an IT budget that you and your board can count on achieving will help set aside givings for projects that were unexpected.

Multi-Location Coverage

Managed Services allows you to ensure the same level of support whether you are the main campus or a satellite branch.

Knowing When Your Church Is Ready

Fitting Into Place Perfectly 

Faith-Based nonprofits can range in sizes from a small gathering to a massive undertaking. No matter the size of your organization, SolvedIT has offerings for all sizes. If your church has checked a few too many of these boxes and isn’t using Managed Services, it’s time to Call.

Technology Disruptions

If your technology is misbehaving to the point that your weekly efforts are being impacted, now is the time to call.

10+ Staff or 500+ Weekend Attendees

If you are at or have surpassed 10 staff members and 500+ service attendance weekly, now is the time to look into managed services.

Offers Public Services Like Wi-Fi Without Protection

Are you offering free Wi-Fi? Are you properly protecting your staff network or Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of your attendees? We can help.

Paying For Everything At Full Price

Many technology providers offer nonprofit-specific services that provide either no-cost or lower-cost alternatives. Finding those services is one of our specialties.

Managed Services With Your Tech Team In Mind

Understanding Church Technology

Service on worship arts teams can be extremely rewarding to one’s spiritual growth. There is also the added benefit of learning how church technology operates from the Audio and the Visual side. We understand the needs of those teams and can help bridge the technology that drives your attendee experiences.¬†

Security Minded Services

Managed Services

Managing a church network and a business network is no different. Both require attention to security and utilize similar services to keep day-to-day operations moving. Check out our Managed Services page for more details on what we provide and how it could benefit your organization.