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Purpose Built IT Managed Services

We understand that every business is at a different stage of technology needs. Our team analyzes the technology that is driving your business, identifies what is restricting your growth, and provides solutions to solve pain points in your IT infrastructure.

More Than Just Technology, We Are a Partner

An Extension of Your Business

Providing helpdesk support isn’t complicated when you truly care about the well-being of your clients. Taking the time to understand your industry, getting to know your staff, and knowing your business inside and out is what makes the SolvedIT difference. We take pride in keeping your business running, keeping you growing, and at a pace you can afford.

Your Business Growth Matters

As a partner, we know that your successes can grow our relationship too. Technology shouldn’t be viewed as a bottle-neck of your business success. Let us help identify how you can best utilize your existing technology and fuel your growth.

Your Staff Matters

Employees should never feel like they are just a number in a support queue. Getting to know them and how technology affects them daily allows us to craft an impactful support experience. Slow adopter or bleeding-edge technologist, we get it.

Your Budget In Mind

No matter the budget, every company wants to see value in their investments. During onboarding and throughout service, we thoroughly review your technology expenditures alongside you, and help identify positive impacts to your business’s bottom line.

Supporting Those Who Support The Many

I.T. for a Cause

Going from no-cost to some-cost in technology as a Nonprofit can be a huge burden, and we are here to ease it.  Great service isn’t only available to those with profits. Our goal is to provide you with education and services that meet your Nonprofit requirements. 

Regardless of whether your nonprofit is a faith-based organization, a community outreach, or a charity, SolvedIT provides expertise and partnerships with your organizations cause in mind.

Technology in Church

Faith-Based Nonprofits

Not all organizations are ready for Managed Services. We know the sweet spot where our services will make the biggest impact on your budget and your staff. Whether you are just starting out or well established, we can advise you on your organization’s tech direction. 

Other Nonprofits

Being charitable with your time and resources to achieve a common good speaks to the hearts of our staff members. Let us come alongside your organization and provide services, technology, and information, that can help reduce your budget or provide you the resources to grow your cause.

Policies and Compliance, A Moving Target

Industries Continue to Evolve

Policies and industry technology requirements change for businesses all the time. To the non-technical, those requirements tend to look like they were written in a long lost dialect and seem daunting for any staff member to take on. We speak technology fluently and can help you digest the requirements, form a plan of implementation, and keep your business compliant.

Flexible Services to Meet You Where You Are

Service, I.T. from A to Z

Whether you are looking for a little direction or your sights are set to source an entire technology department, we provide your business with instant industry expertise and guidance. We can help supplement an existing IT Department with additional support hands or services in a co-managed manner, or be your staffs go to helpdesk department. We can help manage your business’s infrastructure from beginning to end.

What Our Customers Say

Client Testimonials

Teresa C. - Office Manager

“Incredibly responsive to emails and support calls and highly recommend SolvedIT to anyone lookin for I.T. Support”

Deanna L. - Executive Asst.

SolvedIT has been our IT support since 2018, delivering great service and providing recommendations on how to improve our work structure as it relates to IT.  They made the digital transition easy for a 30+ year old company.  Always available to help and provide training for services they manage.

Uniting Your Source of Technology

An All-In-One Partner

Don’t fall into another technology signup trap. Far too many times we have seen businesses get caught in contracts and services that were signed up by ex-staff, or purchases made without a clear goal.

We provides cost effective information technology services by partnering with some of the industries best providers. By centralizing the provision of services, your business gets a clear view of where the budget is spent and how those services are being utilized.

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