IT Managed Services

This is where SolvedIT truly starts to shine. We take your ordinary unmanaged infrastructure and tie everything together seamlessly for an elegant experience.

Working along side you and your staff, we develop an IT infrastructure that works for you, not against you.


Some of our Available Services

We offer a variety of Managed Services to our clients. Whether you are looking for day-to-day support for you and your staff, network security management and implementation, or a routine audits of your services, we can help.

Helpdesk Support

From simple fixes to major roll-outs, we offer our clients access to our expert technicians to guide them through issues. Available through Phone, Email, and web.

Device Management

Full Management and Administration of your network, and network-connected devices. Ranges from Servers, Workstations, Printers, and more.

Cyber Security

From locking down your physical network to guarding your digital presence, we partner with a range of industry-leading security experts to keep you protected.

Disaster Recovery & Backups

Knowing your services and organization inside and out allows us to create a unique plan to ensure a speedy return. Your data never leaves our network.

Going Above and Beyond

In addition to our standard managed services, our team goes well past the expectations of most providers. By offering education and training to clients as well as the provision of cloud and voice services, we provide a complete offering for any organization.


Staying ahead of current threats means ongoing education. We provide education courses to assist with threat mitigation, general best practices, and more.


Changes can be extremely frustrating to staff that is unprepared. Initial and ongoing training is provided to make sure that staff is ready.

Cloud Solutions Provider

Whether it is productivity solutions through Microsoft or Google or something simple like signature management for marketing, we can partner and provide.

Voice & Fax

We offer phone systems and management from simple to complex as well as our HIPAA-compliant fax services to meet your requirements.

Protection that Roams

Security is a major part of managed services. Part of our assessment involves identifying opportunities for threats to be brought in from outside sources and addressing them.

Many of our services are designed to protect your machines whether they are being used on the local business network and even when they are used remotely off network.

Endpoint Protection

As the last life of defense in your network, protecting your organizations computers is a high priority in our service plan. Our service includes multiple layers of defense at every endpoint to ensure that even if something malicious arrived that it will be quickly taken care of. 

Server Security

Those that utilize servers in their business understand that they play a vital role in continued operations. In addition to implementing best practices, our monitoring and management of servers provide granular visibility while maintaining the highest level of security.

Network Protection

A network is only as good as the protection and configuration that has been implemented. During our assessment we verify that the configuration and quality of your network equipment is ideal for your business and industry. Anything that falls out of scope will be addressed.

Take Out All The Guess Work

License and Asset Management

Nobody likes to question whether or not you hold the proper licensing for services and certainly not if it’s during a software audit. In addition to tracking incoming and outgoing hardware to employees, we can also track software and license distribution so that you can have full visibility at a moment’s notice.

Software Licenses

Track software licenses for applications like Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office, and more.

Hardware Support Licenses

Track hardware licenses for networking equipment like Firewalls, Access Points, and Servers, to have advanced visibility of renewal costs.

Employee Onboarding / Offboarding

Quickly check all devices issued to an employee and implement requirements for them to accept your company terms of usage prior to receipt.

Every Business Is a Little Different

You Are Unique

Each and every organization is different and operates differently. Anyone attempting to sell you a flat rate fits all service will leave you hanging when it matters to your business the most. We take the time to get to know your business and your requirements and deliver a solution unique to you.

Start Your Assessment

Start talking with one of our technology experts to begin a no-risk assessment of your business. We will help you discover where your business can save time and money.