Supporting Those Who Support The Many

Going from no-cost to some-cost in technology as a Nonprofit can be a huge burden, and we are here to ease it.  Great service isn’t only available to those with profits. Our goal is to provide you with education and services that meet your Nonprofit requirements. 

SolvedIT Loves our Nonprofits

Flexible Services for All

Whether your nonprofit is a faith-based organization, a community outreach, or a charity, SolvedIT provides expertise and partnerships with your organizations cause in mind.

Faith-Based Nonprofits

Not all organizations are ready for Managed Services. We know the sweet spot where our services will make the biggest impact on your budget and your staff. Whether you are just starting out or well established, we can advise you on your organizations tech direction. 

Other Nonprofits

Being charitable with your time and resources to achieve a common good speaks to our hearts. Let us come alongside your organization and provide information that can help reduce your budget or provide you the resources to grow your cause.